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  • SpeechCAT - Features2:

    High Quality Digital Recording

    Record up to 5 channels of isolatable, high quality digital audio.

  • SpeechCAT - Features5:
    Job Management

    Case Management

    Easily keep track of your work. With a Current list indicating what needs to be completed, to the History list which contains all completed work.

  • SpeechCAT - Features1:
    Job Management

    One Screen

    Dictate, Correct, Scope and finalize (bring in cover pages) ALL in ONE SCREEN

  • SpeechCAT - Features4:
    Job Management

    Job Management

    Our advanced Job Management system keeps your jobs organized and easily accessible

  • SpeechCAT - Features3:

    Data Management and job retrieval

    With the Archiving feature, move large audio files to backup media to maintain hard drive space. Easily retrieve archived data through the Case Lists.

It's so very nice to be associated with a company that takes pride in their product and truly treats you as family.

  • Angela Mullis & Rose Cardarelli
  • Directors and Instructors of the New England School of Court Reporting
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Chad Theriot CEO and Chief Technical Officer

Chad Theriot
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: 800.259.5236 
Chad W.J. Theriot is the CEO and Chief Technical Officer of The AudioScribe Corporation. Mr. Theriot developed the SpeechCAT Pro Software in 1997. He has over twenty years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and training for software applications. He is fluent in ten programming languages and has designed, developed and implemented specialized software for UPS, the Houston Transit Authority, the British Columbia Transit Authority, the Kellogg Corporation, Falcon Drilling, Johnson & Johnson and various Sugar Cane Mills across Louisiana. In addition to his skills as a developer, Mr. Theriot is well versed in hardware, web applications, wireless technology and radio frequency technology. Together with a staff of programmers, developers and analysts who are dedicated to writing software that is some of the most innovative software being written today, Chad continues the legacy of AudioScribe's mother company; Computers for Business Management (CBM). For over thirty years, CBM has brought technology to Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi starting with a mainframe and migrating all the way to networked pc's. Mr. Theriot often speaks at events both in the United States and abroad to educate legal professionals from around the world about speech recognition technology for the court reporting industry.
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