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  • SpeechCAT - Features5:
    Job Management

    Case Management

    Easily keep track of your work. With a Current list indicating what needs to be completed, to the History list which contains all completed work.

  • SpeechCAT - Features4:
    Job Management

    Job Management

    Our advanced Job Management system keeps your jobs organized and easily accessible

  • SpeechCAT - Features2:

    High Quality Digital Recording

    Record up to 5 channels of isolatable, high quality digital audio.

  • SpeechCAT - Features3:

    Data Management and job retrieval

    With the Archiving feature, move large audio files to backup media to maintain hard drive space. Easily retrieve archived data through the Case Lists.

  • SpeechCAT - Features1:
    Job Management

    One Screen

    Dictate, Correct, Scope and finalize (bring in cover pages) ALL in ONE SCREEN

It's so very nice to be associated with a company that takes pride in their product and truly treats you as family.

  • Angela Mullis & Rose Cardarelli
  • Directors and Instructors of the New England School of Court Reporting
  • New England
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March 15, 2012

I don't know how often you get feedback on how well your program works in the field, so I thought I'd give you some.

I've been using AS in the courtroom down here in SC for 4 years now. Today was the first time, believe it or not, that I've had to do a playback for a jury. I've read back questions and answers mid-trial off my screen on occasion, but I haven't had to do a full scale playback. Then today I get the dreaded request from the jury, and they wanted to hear not just one thing but three -- and from three different days.

Back in the dinosaur days of tapes, that would have been nerve wracking -- all that wasted time fastforwarding and rewinding while people sat in the courtroom staring at me. Not today. I pulled up each file, did my control-find, and bing, there was my testimony. I moved from file to file to file with ease -- and, best of all, without needing a break to scramble around looking for the next material. The judge was so impressed!

I've been waiting all this time to show off, and I finally got my chance today!

All the best,

  • Elizabeth Harris
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