To clear your registration:

Download Clear Registration Tool

ClearRegistration.exe will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the dropdown and click on Open.

Please note that the filename is: ClearRegistration2.exe.  It should be in your downloads folder if you do not get prompted to run it or cannot click on it from your browser.

Once you run the file, you will see a notification that says: Registration is Cleared – click on the X to exit that message.

Close the Browser and Return to the Desktop where your SpeechCAT/DigiTran/Remote Scopist/Transcriptionist/Media Controller Icon resides.

Double click on the AudioScribe software icon and you will be notified that the software is not registered or there is no hardware key present,
do you want to run the registration utility now? Click on YES.

In the field called “Enter new product key” please enter the code that you received via email.

Click on “Register NOW!”

Your software is now registered.