In 2018 we are a society that can work from home or anywhere
that there is an internet connection. We can work with a team that is spread out across the world and meet via online meeting spaces to collaborate on projects or give or take classes. We can learn on our own schedule and even work when it is convenient for us. What an amazing and empowering ability!
Last fall I trained 15 women from two Caribbean Islands to utilize Dragon Naturally Speaking and AudioScribe’s Transcriptionist product. They were given assignments to do in their own time and we would meet for two hours every Wednesday evening from 5 to 7 their time and 6 to 8 my time. Some of them had experience as transcriptionists listening to tapes or digital audio and typing from what they heard whereas others had not much experience in that field at all. NONE of these women had any experience with Voice Writing at all.
We began by training User Profiles with headsets in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual version 15, we trained our markers and immediately jumped into learning Transcriptionist while working on building Speed with Realtime Coach. I had started them off at the beginning of October 2017 by letting them select their own speeds for a week or two and then on 10-23-2017 they all began at speeds of 100 to 155 words per minute officially. From that point the students had to achieve an accuracy of 80% or better in 10 dictations to move up to the next speed. By 11-29-2017; 14 of the women achieved 220 to 235 words per minute at accuracies ranging from 81 to 94%, 1 of the women had achieved 200 to 235 words per minute at 81% accuracy.
Initially, this project was giving 15 women a chance to vie for 10 job spots but these women worked so hard and did so well that every one of them were placed.
Not only is this a success story of each of these amazing ladies but it is proof positive that if you put in the time and you ask questions when you have them and do the work assigned, the program works.
I congratulate these fine women. They know who they are.
And I say to you, there is work out there for Transcriptionist who want to work at re-dictating from audio instead of typing.
Yay for the TNT JCP!!!!