DigiTran Professional and the Digital Reporter

The DigiTran Professional and the Digital Recorder class focuses on use of the DigiTran application for recording up to six channels of audio and then utilizing the DigiTran transcription feature to automatically have Dragon covert your recorded voice into text while yo9u do something else.

The student can expect to spend approximately 20 hours on these tasks.

DigiTran Professional class cost: $300.00 pert month  

Live lessons are not included.  Amount of live lessons per course will be at the discretion of the instructor. Please see ACE Live Lessons for costs.

Continuing Education Credits available. Letter must be requested and credits awarded are dependent on organization.

To place your order
please contact AudioScribe
or call 1-800-869-0569
for more information


Hardware, Software and Peripheral requirements and options

Where to find it yourself

Introduction to the DigiTran Main Menu

DigiTran Pro Drop Down Menus

QUIZ: DigiTran Main Menu

Setup your hardware for DigiTran

Equipment Setup

QUIZ: Equipment Setup for DigiTran

DigiTran Sound Setup

Takedown – the act of recording

Record in DigiTran

QUIZ: Recording in DigiTran

Record and Monitor in DigiTran

Marking Options

Introduction to the MANY options DigiTran offers for Marking

Setup for Marking via the Numeric Keypad

Create a Seating Chart

Setup the Foot Pedal for Marking

Marking with Brief Forms

Configure Numeric Keypad and Seating Chart

Typing from your recorded audio

Having Dragon transcribe from your recorded audio

Correction in Scope

Editing in Scope

Setup the Foot Pedal

Editing in Scope

Creating an Index in Scope

FAQ on Creating a Key Word Index and Condensed Copy

Creating an Index in Scope

Finalize to bring in Cover and Certificate Pages

Add Covers and Certificate pages via Finalize

Create an ASCII

FAQ on Generate ASCII

More information on the Generate ASCII Feature