Macrostackers for Officials by T. Chris Bitsko

The MacroStackers Courtroom Workshop is designed to give officials direct instructions on creating macros that have been tried and proven by one of our top Beta Testers and former Trainers who has created them all for his own use and perfected them over years of using SpeechCAT as both an official as well as a Realtime Reporter working on Capitol Hill.

The student can expect to spend approximately 10 hours completing these tasks.

Macrostacks for Officials class cost: $275.00 per month  

Live lessons are not included.  Amount of live lessons per course will be at the discretion of the instructor. Please see ACE Live Lessons for costs.

Continuing Education Credits available. 10 CE approved by NVRA.  Please request CE Letter upon completion of class.

To place your order
please contact AudioScribe
or call 1-800-869-0569
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Overview and Resources

List of Custom Words

Include Files

MacroStackers Template


FAQ: Use of Speaker 2 Configuration


Download and place Include Files

Include Files Zipped Folder

Delete Conflicts in Dragon

Import Custom Word List

MacroStackers Custom Word List

Add Word List and Train VoiceStrokes

Add Words from a List

OPUS VoiceStrokes

Download the OPUS Voicestrokes Slides and Train the Macros


Train the Kill Macros

The SWITCH Series

Train the Switch Series Macros


Download the Objections Slides and Train the Macros


Download the Mack Series Slides and Train the Macros

VOICE BRIEFS (continued)

Train the Shark Series Macros

The FLEX Series

Download Slides and Train Flex Series Macros

Test your Macros

MacroStackers Reference Table

Email the rtf file to MacroStackers

Review and Quiz

Quiz on the Macros you have created with MacroStackers