SpeechCAT for Officials

The SpeechCAT for Officials class focuses on the tools that are most often used by officials for multiple case takedown and single case bust out for production of one cases from a day of cases taken.

This class is aimed at showing the many tools that SpeechCAT offers that make the job of the Official reporter more manageable.

The student can expect to spend approximately 5 hours on these tasks.

SpeechCAT for Officials Class cost: $150.00 per month  

Live lessons are not included.  Amount of live lessons per course will be at the discretion of the instructor. Please see ACE Live Lessons for costs.

Continuing Education Credits available. Letter must be requested and credits awarded are dependent on organization.

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SpeechCAT options related to Officials

Mirror – this feature allows the reporter to configure SpeechCAT to record all audio tracks to a secondary location (such as an external hard drive or a network location)

Case – this feature allows the reporter to create a “CASE” and fill in all appropriate information related to that Case once so that when a new job is created related to that one CASE all of the information including Speakers and Untranslates do not have to be entered again and again.

Secure Case – this feature allows for Grand Jury work and other work where no relevant case information should ever reach the hard drive of the computer.

Courtroom Takedown


Merge Transcripts Feature

Creating an Index on a multiple file job

Using the New Job/New Case Marker to facilitate Bust Out of an excerpt

SpeechCAT Viewer