DigiTran Professional

DigiTran Professional

DigiTran Professional

DigiTran Professional offers a complete CAT software for digital recording of up to SIX CHANNELS OF AUDIO as well as VIDEO (when used with a webcam)!   Designed and developed for Voice reporters who have no need or desire to write realtime; this amazing software still integrates with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium or Professional 12 (on windows Pro 7 or 8.1) and 13, or Dragon Professional Individual 14 to facilitate automated POST-DICTATION TRANSCRIPTION with only the touch of a button.

DigiTran can RECORD and PLAYBACK at the SAME TIME for monitoring of ANY channel and so that there is NEVER a reason to stop the recording during takedown.  DigiTran facilitates marking via the following options: F-keys, onboard Numeric Keypad, foot pedal or customizable on-screen Seating Chart via touch (with touch-enabled laptops)  or mouse click.

AudioScribe’s image-rich documentation, professional training and knowledgeable support are second to none.

DigiTran Pro cost:  $1,500.00 USD

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DigiTran Professional Features:

¨ Digital recording of up to 6 channels of audio

¨ Continuous recording during Multiple channel playback

¨ Readback from a previous day, session or question without having to stop the recording via Open for Readback

¨ Notes Entry feature includes use of brief forms for rapid text entry

¨ Notes include timestamps (since start of deposition or wall clock) for quicker readbacks and

¨ All audio channels can be isolated during recording, playback or transcription

¨ User friendly tools for exporting, importing & archiving

¨ Scope with hotkeys designed for use with speech recognition to expedite the transcription process

¨ Multiple marking and audio control via F-keys, onboard numeric keypad, via touch Seating Chart (with a Touch Screen Laptop) or via mouse, or foot pedal to keep one hand free for making notes

¨ Case management of all (audio & text) Jobs taken from takedown through archiving and beyond

¨ Outright purchase includes 5 hours of training and 10 Incidents of support to be used within the first year as well as DigiTran upgrades for 1 year

¨ With the addition of Dragon Premium or Professional the reporters voice dictation can be converted to text automatically after the fact with the touch of the Transcribe button.

¨ Full Purchase includes 3 installations of Remote Scopist or Media Controller on other pc’s

DigiTran System Requirements

Intel Core i5 or better 13th generation (2.4 ghz or better)
Windows 10 or 11 Pro 64
8 GB RAM or better
500 GB Solid State Drive or better
3 to 4 USB 3.0 ports
1-2 USB-C 3.1 USB port (if computer is limited to 2 USB 3.0 ports)
Business class computer & 3 year warranty (for your protection)

Contact an AudioScribe representative at:

sales@audioscribe.com or by calling 1-800-869-0569

for more information.