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A complete Voice Writing Solution

SpeechCAT Professional offers a complete CAT software for court reporting, captioning and CART, all in one!   Designed and developed for Voice Writers.  AudioScribe’s documentation, training and support are second to none.

For the past 21 years, AudioScribe has been constantly innovating to meet the needs of the voice writing community.  SpeechCAT was the first CAT system to enter the market with speech recognition.  AudioScribe has been a certified Dragon Reseller for 21 years and continues to maintain certifications as required.

Dedicated to the needs of the court reporting community with up to 4 additional channels of high quality digital audio that is synchronized with dictation text.   SpeechCAT Pro is easy to use and offers complete integration to Dragon Professional Individual 14 or 15, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional or Premium 13 or 12.  (Note:  Dragon 12 is not compatible with the Windows 10 Operating system.)

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SpeechCAT cost:  $4,650.00 USD

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Job Management: Easily keep track of your work. With a Current list indicating what needs to be completed, to the History list which contains all completed work.

Case Management: Create Cases to easily associate multiple jobs for merging and exporting

Realtime Capabilities: Realtime speech to text with text and audio synchronized.

High Quality Multi Channel Digital Recording: Record up to 5 channels of isolatable, high quality digital audio.

Courtroom Feature: A great tool for official court reporters who deal with docket days where one the cases are called back to back with little time in between. Use Case Macro between each job and simply Bust Out smaller jobs when you must produce those jobs.

Secure Case Feature: Secure Case & Secure Courtroom were designed for reporters who are required to leave all data taken in specific locations at that location due to the nature of the jobs. Examples would be top secret military courts, grand jury work and in some states juvenile proceedings.

Easy ASCII Generation: Generate clean ASCII files compatible with any Condensing/Indexing software. If you use ProText you can open straight to that program.

Data Management and job retrieval: With the Archiving feature, move large audio files to backup media to maintain hard drive space. Easily retrieve archived data through the Case Lists.

Scopist: Send text to a Scopist who can edit on the fly and then send a scoped text feed to participants in the proceedings.

Realtime Viewer: Send text in realtime to Litigation Support Browsers or to the SpeechCAT Viewer (a free viewer that you can provide to all of your clients). The Viewer receives and displays any corrections made by the Reporter.

Intel Core i7 or i9 13th generation or better (2.4 ghz or better)
Windows 10 or 11 Pro 64
32 GB RAM or better
1 TB Solid State Drive or better
3 to 4 USB 3.0 ports or
1-2 USB-C 3.1 USB port (if computer is limited to 2 USB 3.0 ports)
Business class computer & 3 year warranty (for your protection)
Suggested Upgrades for Realtime writing, Captioning and CART:
1 TB Solid State Drive SATA3 or better
64GB DDR4 2133MHz SoDIMM