Style Creation for Microsoft Word


Styles for Microsoft Word are tools that AudioScribe software utilizes to:

  • customize the output of your text into proper format Including
    • Font size and pitch
    • Lines per page
    • Characters per inch
  • to add cover and certificate pages according to your state rules and personal preferences
  • to add line numbering, timestamps, page numbers
  • as well as automated entry of replacement field information into your covers and certs

We will need:

  1. Digital copies of all of your cover pages (i.e., title, appearance, stipulation, index, exhibit, certificate, signature, read and sign, and errata pages) in order to prepare your style.  These paper copies should be on your presentation paper meaning your footers, headers, line numbers and graphic lines or boxes must be as they normally appear when presented to a client.
  2. Ten pages of testimony, which must include Q & A and speakers in colloquy as well as changes in Speakers from Direct to Cross Examinations..
  3. FIVE previously completed transcripts in digital form.
  4. Please return the signed Warranty Agreement to AudioScribe, along with the required paper copies as soon as possible.

These digital copies MUST be received at least two to three weeks in advance of your training date to facilitate a style being prepared for you by our staff to assure they are on your system when it ships to you.

We accept electronic files (from a Word Processor) of your transcript. This is the quickest and easiest way to send them.  If there are state guidelines we must follow, you should include those as well.

Digital files should be in Microsoft Word.  ASCII files and PDF files are not sufficient for creating styles.  We will call you with any questions we may have regarding your transcripts.  It is our goal to set you up and support you to the very best of our ability.


Style cost: $75.00 USD per style

To place your order
please contact AudioScribe
or call 1-800-869-0569
for more information