Training Services

The AudioScribe Corporation offers training services in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, by a certified trainers around the country, online via Zoom or TeamViewer, or via the AudioScribe Continuing Education Portal. Our trainers have been through rigorous trainer training and have certified to a high degree of excellence. All trainers are recertified on a yearly basis on the latest SpeechCAT products and the latest Speech Recognition Engines.

Each of our trainers are highly certified and posses all of the knowledge that they need to educate our users on the use of SpeechCAT.  Trainers are certified via extensive testing as well as shadow training with another certified trainer.  All trainers must re-certify annually.  Many of our trainers have worked in the freelance field with some experience as officials.  Visit our website to learn more about our trainers by reviewing their bios.

Most agendas are created and approved by AudioScribe and trainers adhere to these agendas.  Suggested cost for one day of training is $600.  Contact your trainer directly for actual pricing.  For seasoned SpeechCAT users, advanced training can be purchased as well, the agenda for these trainings typically vary as content is geared towards the individual trainees needs.


Training $600.00 USD — per person per day, travel expenses not included.

Seminars  Prices vary — AudioScribe provides seminars each year prior to the NVRA convention.  We typically will provide seminars upon request.  We have done a Seminar cruise, Breaux Bridge Seminar, and many state.

On‐Line Training $75.00 USD — per hour via Zoom or Teamviewer with AudioScribe Trainer one‐on‐one.

Agendas are preapproved by NVRA.  We also provide CE Letters upon request to be submitted by customer to local associations.

Our staff trainers are also very knowledgeable on Windows, computer and word processors and available to train on these items as well at conferences. Please ask about this pricing.

AudioScribe can take care of all of your training needs.

To place your order
please contact AudioScribe
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