The Transcriptionist application is built for the purpose of dictating from digital audio RATHER THAN typing.

Together with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a foot pedal and a headset with a boom mic, you can control and listen to multiple channels of digital audio and REPEAT what you are hearing instead of typing what you are

Our audio control allows you to slow down the audio so that repeating what you hear is easier – as you get more accustomed to hearing and repeating at faster speeds, you will accomplish more and more in less and less time.  The foot pedal allows you to control the audio that you are listening to so that your hands are free to edit the text as you dictate.  It may take you some time to do both at once but as time passes, you will get more adept at doing so.

The correction mode allows you to increase the accuracy of your dictation by simply making corrections and saving those corrections to the speech engine so that it learns to not make those same mistakes again.

Our online customer forum provides an easy place to ask questions and get answers at no charge.  You may also email support if and when you feel the need.  AudioScribe technicians will answer your questions within three days.

Our forum is also a great place to advertise your services to other AudioScribe customers who may be court reporters in need of a transcriptionist.

You may choose to get online training or support at $75/hour to get setup and going or to learn more advanced tools whenever you feel you need or want the service.

Transcription cost:  $1,000.00 USD

Ask about our 30 day evaluation!

To place your order
please contact AudioScribe
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for more information

Transcriptionist  provides many useful tools including, but not limited to:

  • Import single or multiple audio files and attach it to a Job for production
  • Ability to dictate from Audio using a headset or desktop microphone (speech recognition engine i.e..Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium must be installed to convert audio to text via dictation)
  • Control audio via hotkeys or foot pedal
  • Create and utilize form fields which can be filled out via dictation with a headset
  • Create and utilize Brief Forms for inclusion of standardized parentheticals or jury charges, Word Swaps and Conflicts for conflict resolution
  • Insert missed Q’s, A’s and Speakers via the Reformat feature (hotkeys or mouse control)
  • Import or Create, Maintain and utilize Styles specific to various requirements which easily control specific formatting as well as cover and certificate pages

Intel Core i5 or better 13th generation (2.4 ghz or better)
Windows 10 or 11 Pro 64
8 GB RAM or better
500 GB Solid State Drive or better
2 to 3 USB 3.0 ports
1-2 USB-C 3.1 USB port (if computer is limited to 2 USB 3.0 ports)
Business class computer & 3 year warranty (for your protection)

Contact an AudioScribe
representative at:
or by calling 1-800-869-0569 for more information.