N. Widman Captioner 

April 22, 2020 regarding ACE Class:  Getting to know your peripherals

This is full of so much information! I did not realize all of the USB connection types. I thought USB was a USB. This section enlightened me quite a bit. I actually started looking at my plug-ins to make sure everything is where it need to be after going through the course.

I think quite often people get training or learn on their own, then just buy the products recommended or heard someone likes a certain product, but do not understand the why and how or other accessories you might need to make everything work. At times, I am one of those people! I heard about a microphone headset that a lot of captioners used and bought it. I was so excited to start to use it and discovered it was not a straight USB plug in (like my other mics), rather it had a jack on it. The jack was not going into any hole in my computer! I frantically went to the website to find out how I am supposed to make this work. I discovered I needed an Andrea USB to plug the mic into. Now, had I had a class like this prior to to me shopping for something like that, I would have paid better attention. Now that I have read through the material in this course, I am definitely going to be better informed and make better decisions on future purchases. This is an educational course.

Ohio — Customer since 2018

D. Miller

“October 2018

Thanks so much! I love you guys. I am so excited about participating in this class! I appreciate you all so much. Your integrity is only surpassed by your continuing efforts to make our lives better and more productive.

I’ve been so disillusioned lately with people and companies that don’t do the right thing. That has been one of the biggest things in life I don’t understand. Why are some people so greedy and unethical and others would rather close their door than take advantage of a customer? Why be rotten to the core instead of kind? I know there are good people out there but in the past 30 days, I’ve had 3 different businesses gouge and overcharge me to the tune of several thousand dollars that I didn’t have to spare. I’m beginning to think I have “IDIOT” tattooed on my forehead.

What I’m saying is this: IF YOU GUYS EVER NEED A REFERENCE, A TESTIMONIAL, A KIDNEY, A FAVOR, A KNOCK KNOCK JOKE OR WHATEVER . . . . CALL ME! It would be my honor and privilege to shout from the rooftops that you’re the BEST and everyone should take lessons from you. (Adria can teach another class.)

I’m so blessed to know you all and when I think of all you’ve done for me not just as a court reporter but as a human being, I honestly can say, it makes me want to cry. You are making the world a better place and restoring my faith in mankind.

Thanks for all you do!”

Customer since 2011

K. Tackett

“If I have a support-related issue of an urgent nature, they understand that my deadlines are not negotiable and I get immediate attention.”

Customer since 2001

E. Harris

“March 15, 2012

I don’t know how often you get feedback on how well your program works in the field, so I thought I’d give you some.

I’ve been using AS in the courtroom down here in SC for 4 years now. Today was the first time, believe it or not, that I’ve had to do a playback for a jury. I’ve read back questions and answers mid-trial off my screen on occasion, but I haven’t had to do a full scale playback. Then today I get the dreaded request from the jury, and they wanted to hear not just one thing but three — and from three different days.

Back in the dinosaur days of tapes, that would have been nerve wracking — all that wasted time fastforwarding and rewinding while people sat in the courtroom staring at me. Not today. I pulled up each file, did my control-find, and bing, there was my testimony. I moved from file to file to file with ease — and, best of all, without needing a break to scramble around looking for the next material. The judge was so impressed!

I’ve been waiting all this time to show off, and I finally got my chance today!”

All the best

S. TynerCVR-CM - Official Court Reporter

“I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY appreciate the support you give your users. I have heard other reporters say that oh, yes, their vendors usually get back to them within a couple of hours or so”

Washington, D.C.

D. LoringPennsylvania

“January, 2012

After training as a voicewriter for a short while, I was told from an experienced voicewriter/ court reporter to contact Adria Theriot, President of Audioscribe to learn about the Speechcat software. Since September 2010, becoming a client of Audioscribe has made my career choice to become a voicewriter/court reporter all the more enjoyable. Both the people of Audioscribe and the Speechcat program have increased my passion and the joy of learning one’s trade.

It is hard to say which to applaud first, the people or the software. Like Audioscribe, Inc. itself I will begin with the people. A true educator, Adria consistently has the patience to answer my questions with the enthusiasm of a teacher, and has been constant in her willingness to make sure I was successful in using theSpeechCat; her time is valuable and she shares it unselfishly. Though when a detail came up about which Adria might be foggy on, Michelle was there with technical precision. One senses their camaraderie spills over to other customers to make the business relationships thrive. I mean it when I say, it is a pleasure, especially in this day and age, to be an Audioscribe customer – and I am paying them!

Speechcat is powerful software. It seems to work both logically and seamlessly with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Speechcat is simple enough to use within an hour of guidance, yet, a new user like myself comes to understand quickly that it is sophisticated, and has so many hundreds of tools, that the learning process will extend as far as I take it. For someone like me at the beginning it is exciting to see that distant horizon as potential to grow, learn, and improve; practically speaking, I believe it will make my job easier and make me more of a productive asset to my employer. Furthermore, having met experienced voicewrites/Speechcat I know that the way has been tested.

To say that the Adria, and the other ones who have developed Speechcat technology, has kept it user friendly is an understatement. For example, icons in the form of smile face hearts. The software is sophisticated, but there is no doubt that it was designed for comfort and ease of use with the end user like me in mind.

Finally, from a business perspective, I greatly benefitted from the monthly subscription service which eliminated both the catch 22 issue of investment- on- return and business risk that comes with working as an independent contractor. I cannot not, as I write this in real-time, currently afford to buy the software outright. It is my most immediate business goal for 2012. Moreover, before securing enough work just a few months ago, I wasn’t sure the several thousand dollar investment would pay off. The risk of investing in an expensive software program without knowing whether or not I would find the work to make it all worthwhile, and then, once I had work, the catch 22 of needing to save enough money to buy the software outright in order to continue working was solved by the subscription service. I think it speaks to this corporation’s thoughtfulness about the reality of its users, and a business philosophy that reflects follow through on a good business decision to make it possible to meet immediate demand as well as long term growth. For once you begin to use the Speechcat software, though it may sound cliché, you’ll know you found a home for your voicewriting career.”

Thank you Adria, Michelle, the AudioScribe Corportaion, and thank you SpeechCat!

K. StephensCVR, CSR - Official Court Reporter

“I HATE scoping in E******…AudioScribe is much, much easier for me to use. I find that scoping my documents is a breeze…There are hundreds of other issues I could address but I won’t. I’ll just say I’m a very, very satisfied AudioScribe customer and always will be!!”


S. Smith

“AudioScribe definitely goes the extra mile not only in helping you get started, which is very difficult, but also way on down the road…You can’t go wrong with AudioScribe. Thanks to all of you.”

CVR – Customer since 2001

A. Mullis & R. Cardarelli

“It’s so very nice to be associated with a company that takes pride in their product and truly treats you as family.”

New England