Got a call this morning for a customer who when she went into Realtime, the green mic would turn on but the counter would not move and the monitor bars would not move either. No text was dropping.

Problem 1: She needed to open Dragon alone and go to profile–Exit Dragon.

  • When prompted to save we did and Dragon performed user maintenance.
  • This was for the text not dropping issue.

Problem 2: Her computer updated last night to Windows 10 (Version 1803 build 17134.191).

  • After doing the typical support for this issue and it not working,
    I tried a few things. Like test each USB in sound setup on it’s own. Sometimes a bad USB can cause it not to record. This was not the problem.
  • I decided to look at privacy. Turns out the update had turned off the option to let apps use her microphone.
  • Check our the Customer Notifications ASAP string on the forum for the FAQ on how to change your settings.