Everyone, Please be aware that if your computer has updated to Windows 10 version 1803, you may need to go and check ALL of your USB audio devices to be sure that Enhancements are OFF as mine were all turned back ON after that update.

Also the Sounds dialog that you are used to seeing when you right-click on the speaker in the task bar is different. You must now click on Sounds then go to either the Playback or Recording Tab. Then if you double click on the device from there, you can click on the Enhancements tab and Disable all enhancements, if the device has them.

Also, you will need to go to Device Manager and assure that your USB Root Hubs are NOT set to “ALLOW the computer to turn OFF this device to save power”. there should be NO CHECK mark in the box to the left of that option. This allows your computer to put that USB audio device to SLEEP and you do NOT want that to happen.