Remote Scopist

The Remote Scopist class is designed to teach Scopist how to utilize the Remote Scopist application to receive, import, edit, finalize and present jobs from a Court Reporter, complete the job and return it to the Court Reporter.

The student can expect to spend approximately 12 hours on these tasks.

Remote Scopist class cost: $150.00 pert month  

Live lessons are not included.  Amount of live lessons per course will be at the discretion of the instructor. Please see ACE Live Lessons for costs.

Continuing Education Credits available. Letter must be requested and credits awarded are dependent on organization.

To place your order
please contact AudioScribe
or call 1-800-869-0569
for more information



What is a Scopist?

Learning more about Scopists

What skills do I need to be a successful Scopist?

Introduction to the Remote Scopist Main Menu

The Remote Scopist Main Menu

Introduction to the Remote Scopist Screens

Remote Scopist Terminology

Remote Scopist Terminology Quiz

Quiz on Remote Scopist

Match the Icon/Button to its purpose

Video on Remote Scopist

Styles, Display Sets, Print Sets

Styles, Display Sets, Cases and Print Sets

Quiz on Display Sets, Styles and Print Sets

Download, Install and Register Remote Scopist and DropBox

Remote Scopist Download, Install, Register and Setup DropBox

Install DropBox and Give Permission

Download and Import Jobs from DropBox

Editing Features of Scope

Hotkeys Handy

Video on Editing in Scope

Edit the jobs that you have Corrected

View Presentation on Editing in Scope

Quiz on Editing in Scope

Finalize and Create the Index


Video on Creating an Index

Video on Finalize and Present

Add cover and certificate pages to your document

Quiz on Finalize.

What do you send back to the Reporter?

Present and Choosing a Word Processor

Quiz on the Present (to word processor) feature

Going the extra mile!

Print Sets

Quiz on Print Sets

Generate ASCII

More information on the Generate ASCII Feature