AudioScribe also offers an online forum. It is an active community frequented by both customers and AudioScribe staff. You must be an AudioScribe customer to access most of the forum. Link to the forum

iconE-Mail Support:

When e-mailing support please include:

    • Your customer number/CD key.
    • The name of the account the product is registered to.
    • Which AudioScribe product you are inquiring about
    • The version (To verify version go to Help then About in the main SpeechCAT screen)
    • A detailed explanation of the problem (including error message if available)
    • Please note that email support does not have a guaranteed turn around time.  If you have an urgent matter please call support.

*Note: If you are on Version 8, 9 or above of any of the AudioScribe software products please attach your Gather Logs zip file. How to use Gather Logs

iconPhone Support

Our phone support is a fee-based service. Support hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central Standard Time, Monday – Friday (excluding holidays). The toll free support phone number is: 1-800-869-0569.

Before calling in for phone support please have the following:

  • Your computer up and running with necessary peripherals plugged in.
  • Your SpeechCAT version number (From the SpeechCAT main menu go to Help—About)
  • A detailed explanation of the problem and/or error message including:
  • What portion of the application were you in when you received the problem/error message (Realtime, Archive, Scope, etc.)?
  • What were you doing at the point of the problem/error message?
  • Did you notice any odd behavior prior to the problem/error message?
  • Is this the first time you experience the problem/error message?

Please note that if you are out of support, support calls are $75 per hour.  Calls are billable at 15 minute intervals.

After hours support prices of $150 may apply for all calls that occur during nights, weekends and holidays.