The Transcriptionist class is designed for people who are transcribing from digital audio using Transcriptionist and Dragon to dictate into formatted text, add cover and certificate pages, create an index, add page numbers, line numbers and graphics (lines or boxes) and create an ASCII file.

The student can expect to spend approximately 20 hours on these tasks.

Transcriptionist class cost: $250.00 pert month  

Live lessons are not included.  Amount of live lessons per course will be at the discretion of the instructor. Please see ACE Live Lessons for costs.

Continuing Education Credits available. Letter must be requested and credits awarded are dependent on organization.

To place your order
please contact AudioScribe
or call 1-800-869-0569
for more information



Standard Styles

Import Style(s)

Understand Display Sets

What is the Purpose of a Display Set?

Understanding Display Sets

Please share your opinions about the class so far

Creating a Style

The Style

What do I need to know in order to create a style?

Prepare to create a style by answering these questions

The Style

How to Create a Style Book

COPY an Existing Style and make changes to create a NEW STYLE

The Transcriptionist Application

The Drop Down Menus

The Buttons/Icons and the Job Line on the Transcriptionist Main Menu

Quiz: Transcriptionist Buttons/Icons

The Dictation Process

Video of Creating a new job and dictating

Configure the Foot Pedal

Quick Start

Get to know the Hotkeys

Quiz: Dictating from Acquired Audio

Download additional audio for practice dictation

The Correction Process

Correction in Transcriptionist

Correction and Utterance Summary

Perform Corrections

Handy on Correction

OPTIONAL Video on Correction Mechanism

Quiz: The Correction Process


What are VoiceStrokes and why would I use them?

Standard Include Files

Utilize standard include files to create VoiceStrokes

Create Your Own VoiceStrokes

What are VoiceStrokes and How do I use them?

Realtime Rules

What are Realtime Rules

Use Realtime Coach to build speed and accuracy

ACE Realtime Coach

Use Realtime Coach to learn to dictate at specific speeds


Transcriptionist continued…..


Pretty up the corrected document and other great hotkeys

Pretty up the corrected document


Creating an Index

Creating the Index

Create your own index Page Include File

Video on Creating an Index

The Print Set


Available Print Sets

Bullzip Install


Video on Finalize and Present


Bring in Cover and Certificate pages via Finalize

Include Files

Create Cover and Certificate Pages


Word Layouts

WordPerfect Shells

Present to Print Sets

Quiz: Reformat. Finalize and Present

Quiz: Transcriptionist Overview

Save the Document as a PDF

Save the Document as a PDF

Generate ASCII

What is an ASCII?

How do you open an ASCII file?

Supportive Resources

e Feed

Equipment Requirements:

Transcriptionist students need

  • The student needs a computer
    1. The computer should be at least
      1. At least n i5 CPU with Intel processor
      2. An internal sound card
      3. 8 GB of RAM
      4. 500 GB Hard drive
  • a headset with a boom microphone if they will be working alone at home or in a private office.
  • If the headset is a usb headset, the student needs nothing else.
  • If the headset has two ¾’s “computer” plugs then the student will need a usb audio device as well. AudioScribe recommends the Andrea Pure Audio SA (see the “Where to find it yourself” flyer for where to find this device.)
  • If they will be working in a transcriptionist “pool” with others around them dictating as well then a speech silencer mask is recommended instead.
    1. Students may choose to have and utilize both.
  • The student will need to purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Individual 15 ($350 from AudioScribe)
  • The student must have an email address to and from which emails can be sent and retrieved.
  • The student will be given a subscription to the Transcriptionist Application that will last for 6 weeks so that the student can complete the class.
    1. Thereafter the student may choose to subscribe to the Transcriptionist software for as little as $25/month until the cost of the software is paid off ($750 + financing fee) or the student may simply choose to stop subscribing at any point and owe nothing further.