In order to receive Remote Support from AudioScribe, you will need to download TeamViewer.

Download TeamViewer

If prompted by your internet browser, please RUN.

After you run, the software will open. The ID and password may be blank for a few seconds.

Once TeamViewer connects to the internet, it will populate the ID and password.

Here is a sample of what you will see:

If you do not see this screen, this may mean that your Windows is overriding this file.  Go to Start-System-Apps.  Under Installing Apps (terminology may be different) assure that you either have Anywhere or Turn off app recommendations.  Close Teamviewer and run again.

Call 800-869-0569 to speak to support once you see this screen.

Please provide your information to your support technician.

Please be aware that you must be current in your support contract to receive support.

Charges will apply if not in contract.